Like it never happened.

No worries, we've seen it all. From small scratches to full-blown holes, we'll fill it, patch it, and paint the wall like new.

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My painter understands the challenges that come with painting homes that have been there for some time. Cracks, holes, and dents happen over time and understandably so but your walls don’t have to stay that way. We take care of each of these minor issues before we paint so that your walls look beautiful and timeless. We aim to make your walls like the day you bought your home.

What about water damage though? Many times, in older home there can be water damage on walls or ceilings that leave a water stain. No matter how big the job, we can fix and replace your walls. This works is more extensive and therefore it is more expensive. With our skills and expertise we are able to make your walls look like new again! A contributing factor to walls is whether the walls is texturized or not. Whether your walls are texturized or not we can patch it and make it seamless. Taking our time to make sure that the texture we do evenly matches the rest of your wall.

My Painter doesn’t simply put a patch over the hole and paint over it to call it a day. We understand that there is an art to makes drywall repairs seem like they never happened. We guarantee drywall perfection by taking the time to sand the patch down for a smooth and seamless transition. Then afterwards we make sure to prime before painting. This provides the best results possible when it comes to drywall repairs.

We also commonly see drywall nicks on corners of walls that can prove to be more challenging to fix. With our professional drywall team, there we can fix any nick that your couch may have hit on the way in. Another common drywall problem that we see is hairline cracks in them. This often is present with homes that were built 20 years ago and now the foundation has shifted because of the soil over time. These cracks are relatively easy to fix but take some good sanding down to make it look like they were never there.

Whether you have holes, nicks, dents, cracks or water stains in your drywall My Painter can fix them! There is no drywall job big or small that we can’t repair. We look forward to hearing from you. Just give us a call today! We give free in-home quotes!

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