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Ways a Painted Ceiling Enhances a Room


Paul the Painter

August 27, 2018

With years of painting experience, My Arlington Painter has certainly gleaned some deigning tips and tricks along the way. One thing you can do that can really make the most of a room is to paint the ceiling. While most people do not give the ceiling space a second thought, here are a few reasons you may want to consider including this element as a part of your home design.

Infuse Personality

One of the main reasons to paint your ceiling is because it is such a big opportunity to let your personality shine! Classic white, of course, is a timeless choice, but imagine how much more exciting it is to walk into a room with a beautiful ceiling. You can splash on a bright color, or an elegant gold, or even a faux finish. The possibilities are as vast as your personality is.

Give Off an Intimate Feel

Elegant neutrals are always a great choice. They give you the freedom to change up accent colors and styles easily as your taste changes. This gray or all white look, however, can leave a room feeling a bit cold. To change that, you can opt to add a rich hue to your ceiling. An emerald green, dark purple, or deep blue can bring the ceiling down a bit and make it feel just that much cozier and intimate.

Change the Perspective

Interior designers are experts at forcing perspective with different design tricks. One such being a painted ceiling. Well-chosen paint colors can lend to either making a room look smaller (as we just discussed) or larger. If you are interested in making a certain room appear bigger than it is, simply paint your ceiling a lighter shade of whatever color is on your walls. This will trick your eyes into believing that the room goes on more than it does.

Highlight Design Features

Beautiful design features like, crown molding and exposed beams, are not something every home has. So, if your home does have features like these, you should show them off! Make these designs stand out by contrasting them with either lighter or darker paint colors.

In the end, your home can be whatever you want it to be. Paint is such a powerful tool that can easily be changed, so do not be afraid to try something new!

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