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The Best Time to Paint the Exterior of Your Home


Paul the Painter

May 1, 2018

There are certain times of the year that are better to paint your home than others. As many of you have guessed it, winter is not one of them. However, spring is one of the best times to paint the exterior of your home. My Painter is your professional painter for both interior painting and exterior painting. We know the perfect time of year to have your home looking fresh and beautiful! Spring time makes for the optimal time of year to have the exterior of your home painted. Here are some of the biggest reasons why.


Weather can be a little tricky in the spring time. One second it is nice and sunny and the next second it is raining without any warning. However, there are a lot of nice days in spring. The beautiful thing about spring is that the temperatures are mild even with the sun shining down. Allowing for the perfect weather at the right temperature is crucial because exterior paint has a finish to it that can be weaken if it is too hot or too cold outside. This is something to take note of if you’re painting your home yourself. If you’re having a professional paint it like My Painter LLC then there is no need to worry because they know how and when to paint your home so that the finish is never compromised.

Home Buying Season

Spring marks a time of buying and selling homes. This means that if you’re thinking about selling your home then you need to increase its curbside appeal. This can mean a lot of tedious work, but it can also mean a lot of big items that need to get done as well. One of the biggest things that you can do to enhance the curbside appeal of your home is to have the exterior of it painted. Houses always go on the market during the months of April and May. Therefore, make sure your home looks beautiful and ready for when that for sale sign gets put in the yard.

These are the biggest reasons way spring is the best time to have the exterior of your home painted. There are more reasons than this though, like it just makes sense to have your home looking beautiful throughout the summer and into the next year. If you don’t want to paint your own house though then call the professionals today! We will do free home estimate! Whether you want the exterior of your home painted or the interior, My Painter LLC can do it!

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