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How Do You Pick Interior Paint Color?


Paul the Painter

August 15, 2017

Picking the paint for your home can be hard because you are wanting to make sure that it will look good with everything else. So how do you know that you’re making a good choice in your paint colors? There are a couple good rules to adhere to that will help you to make that old room pop with a new coat of paint. The possibilities are endless in your options. The most important thing is that it’s your style. You don’t have to try and follow all of these rules but pick one to go with and then go for it!

Follow Nature!

This is maybe a little different than you’re thinking. We don’t mean that you need to paint your room in a natural color, although you can if you so do choose. What this means is that nature is very beautiful but nature starts with its darker color on the ground and then its medium colors in our line of sight, ending with its lightest colors up above. This is very easy to do and follow when thinking about repainting and decorating your home. Keep your floor color darker such as if you have a rug. Then paint your walls a color of medium-value. Finally keep your ceiling color light.

Color Wheel!

Try using a color wheel when you’re decorating. The color wheel can be used in several different ways. One fool proof way of using it is by choosing analogous color schemes. This means that you choose colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. An example of this is yellow and orange or blue and green. Depending on the colors you use it can create a relaxing room or a vibrant room. Either way it makes your space look good.

60-30-10! …huh?

What this means is that 60 percent of your room is your primary color while 30 percent of your room is your secondary color. To no surprise, the other 10 percent of your room are your accent colors. What does that look like though? Well, your 60 percent would be your wall color. This leaves your 30 percent to your furniture or upholstery. The 10 percent are your pillows and blankets. This gives it a nice even feel to the three colors that you have picked.

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