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Festive Colors


Paul the Painter

October 11, 2017

Everyone is about being in with the time and the seasons. Times and seasons means beautiful fall, winter, spring, and summer colors. Maybe you like a season or festive color more than others and you want that season to be part of your home all the time. My Painter knows that your house is made a home by you and the personality that you give it. So, make your home painted the colors you want them or give your home the ability to change with the seasons and festivals. Here are some tips for you to either paint your home the colors of the season or paint it the colors to be able to change the rest of you home with the season.


Picking a neutral allows you the flexibility to change the color of your home without having to repaint it every time that you want to change the color. The color of your home isn’t just the paint that you put on your wall. It is also the decorations that you put out. Changing the color theme is more about the pillows you have on the couch and the throw blankets you have laying around. Maybe a curtain change or some different colored plates.

Festive colors can also be beautiful on the walls of a home. Picking the right color to be on your walls can be tricky. Make sure that you portion each color appropriately in your home. Many people want their walls to speak their favorite season. This can make your home look stunning. Here are a few seasonal and festive ideas for you to decorate your home in!


  • Seaworthy, Harvest Gold, and Olive Grove
  • Chartreuse, Sturdy Brown and Posy
  • Chiffon, Vanilla, Buttercup, Rust, and Mahogany


  • Green and Brown
  • Turquoise, White, and Brown
  • Teal, Red and White

These color combinations can go on your wall or as decorations throughout your home. Fall and winter are beautiful seasons that people love in their homes to make them feel relaxed. Some people love warm colors to help make their home feel cozy and others like more of a clean color palette throughout their home. Changing with seasons and festivals makes your home beautiful time and time again. My Painter knows that times changes, seasons come and festive colors are a must. If you want to change the color of your home call the professionals today! We give free home estimates.

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