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Colors and Their Effect on You


Paul the Painter

November 29, 2017

When walking into a home, one of the first things we tend to notice is the color and décor of the room. Homes are an expression of who we are. Whether or not we realize it, the color of a room can have a real effect on our mood. This calls into question what colors we use to decorate our homes, and more importantly, why we choose them. Much depends on the mood we want set and the feelings we want to invoke. Did you know that different colors have very different psychological effects? Let’s consider two popular color schemes—blues and yellows—as well as how they can affect you and anyone who comes into your home.


Blue is a common favorite color for home décor and in general, but there are pros and cons to consider with any color choice. Here we offer some dos and don’ts of blue, because it can give you the “blues” if not used properly.

DO use blue to set a calm, serene mood. Blue is known for its calming visual effect, which is so powerful that it can actually change how our bodies are functioning physically and physiologically. Seeing blue tends to lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate, and slow down respiration, which has has a relaxing, calming, and tranquil effect on us. To maximize this effect, choose cool, light and muted hues of blue. Another option is to use one of these softer blues for the main color of a room, and then harmonize it with accents of a brighter, warmer hue of blue, such as a cheerful aqua.

DON’T go too dark! Dark blues can have the opposite effect of the lighter, brighter blues, causing feelings of sadness to arise. If you are determined to use darker and more saturated hues of blue, make sure you’re only doing so in rooms with ample natural light. Consider adding high gloss white trim or wainscoting to the room. These things can help balance out the negative psychological effect of the “heavy” darker blues.


DO choose yellow to bring a joyful, energetic mood to any home or room. We often associate yellow with the sun and the joyful effect it has on us. Like a sunny day, the color yellow broadcasts happiness to our visual receptors. Along with creating a cheerful ambiance, yellow makes a room welcoming and inviting, making it the perfect color choice for kitchens and entry ways. Yellow can also have healthy physical benefits by creating feelings of energy and even causing our metabolisms to speed up when we see it.

DON’T choose yellows for rooms in which you prefer to create a serene setting. Yellow has been recognized in some cases to have an overstimulating psychological effect. For instance, it can trigger babies to cry or stir up feelings of frustration in adults. Yellows are best kept in rooms where you want high energy and stimulation, not rooms intended for tranquility.

With so many options, choosing colors for your home can certainly be a challenge, but knowing exactly which mood you want to set in each room makes it much easier to get started. If you’re having trouble making a decision, call us today! We offer color consultation services to help you select the perfect color scheme for your home. Our experienced team is eager to help you transform your home into a true reflection of who you are!

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